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          Yilisha manufacture CNC products for telecommunication and network base-station, heat sink, metal cover, professional screws, waveguides product, LED lamp holders and lampstand, auto parts and security product, etc.

          We build precision metal for various materials such as rolled-steel SPCC, rolled-steel SPCD, rolled-steel SPCE, stainless steel SUS303, stainless steelSUS304, aluminum 5 series, stainless steel 6 series, stainless steel 7 series, copper and others. We provide the value-added service such as cleaning, passivation, electroplating, painting and powder spraying as well.

          In CNC milling, we achieve the maximum size of 500mm* 300mm with 0.05mm accuracy and the surface roughness to 0.008mm.

          In CNC latching, we fulfill the standard of automotive application.

          As for cylindrical shape,we achieve the range from ф0.4mm to ф48mm with the accuracy of 0.005mm and achieve the surface roughness to 0.01mm with the accuracy of 0.005mm.

          Product Sample
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