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          Surface Treatment Workshop

          Yilisha set up the production lines of automatic electroplating and powder spraying.

          We have 10 sets of electroplating lines which are capable for a variety of materials such as silver, nickel, zinc, copper and process plating, tinning, passivation and post-processing.

          Yilisha has more than 30 sets of equipment including sandblasting; polishing and cleaning which can meet the coating thickness of 0.001mm to 0.03mm with an accuracy of 0.0003mm (0.3um).

          The monthly productivity is up to 10 million units.

          In addition ,we have a production line of power spraying and several automatic painting which can control the thickness powder spraying in the range from 0.05mm to 0.15mm with a tolerance of 0.01mm.

          The tolerance is controlled within 0.05mm for single-coated, double-coated, rubber oil spray, we can control thickness in the range of 0.01mm - 0.02mm, 0.03mm - 0.04mm, 0.05mm - 0.06mm respectively.

          Monthly productivity of powder spraying and rubber oil spray is up to 1.5 million units.

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