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          CNC Workshop

          Yilisha has over 400 sets of high-end equipment including over 180 sets of CNC milling machines and over 220 sets of CNC lathes machines.

          CNC milling machines are mainly imported from Japan "FUNUC" and "BROTHER" which can process to the maximum dimension of 550mm * 300mm with an accuracy of 0.002mm.

          CNC lathes machines are mainly imported from "MAZAK", "FUNUC" and "FEELER" which can process the dimension from ф0.4mm to ф48mm with an accuracy of 0.003mm and roundness within 0.005mm.

          The surface roughness can be controlled within 0.01mm with the accuracy of 0.005mm.

          The monthly productivity is approximately 1.5 million units.

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