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          Molding Workshop

          Yilisha has a strong R&D team who is specialized on mold design and analysis.

          We support a variety of software such as CAD, UG, Pro / E, MAGMASOFT, Mold flow, Moldex3D, PROCAST and FLOW3D.

          We set up 2 sets of Swiss Mickleens CNC machines; 2 sets of Japanese Faraco machines with the accuracy of 0.005mm; 2 sets of Swiss Charm electric EDM machines,2 sets of walking wire cutting machines with the accuracy of 0.005mm,minimum dimension is 0.10mm and surface smoothness is 0.05um.

          The monthly productivity is 10 sets of die-casting mold, 15 sets of injection mold and 25 sets of stamping mold respectively.

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