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          • CNC Workshop

          • Yilisha owns 180 CNC milling machines and 220 CNC lathes machines for the variety of metal structure. Most of our machines are imported from Japan with value-added services such as electroplating and powder spraying.

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          • Die-Casting Workshop

          • We offer a one-stop service in design, manufacturing and surface treatment such as electroplating or powder spraying.

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          • Molding Workshop

          • Yilisha owns a professional team who focus on design and analysis of mold. We support a variety of design and analysis software, such as CAD, UG, Pro / E, MAGMASOFT, Moldflow, Moldex3D, PROCAST and FLOW3D. We implement the process of Mikron, Charmilles spark and SADIC to ensure a reliable quality of the mold.

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          • Stamping Metal Workshop

          • Our stamping machine fulfils features of a single axis, biaxial; medium speed, low speed, the tonnage of 25 tons -200 tons.
            Our monthly productivity for structural metal over 2,000,000units.

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          • Sheet Metal Workshop

          • We not only own a R&D professional team, but also equip by 40sets high-end sheeting metal machines which import from Finland, Japan. Our professional team can easy the problem you might have.

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          • Surface Treatment Workshop

          • We are dedicated to meeting various surface treatment requirements and offers its customers surface treatment technologies such as Ni / Zn / Cu / Ag / Ag / Ag / Au plating, stainless steel passivation, stainless steel plating and polishing. Our professional team is strong in the differential process.

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          • Test Laboratory

          • Yilisha equipped more than 50sets of testing equipment including analyzers, automatic 2D measuring instruments, environmental material testing equipment, aging test equipment, functional testing, environmental testing, sampling process, shipping inspection and security assurance experiments. The accuracy of size measurement is up to 0.001mm and the accuracy of the thickness measurement is up to 0.1um.

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          • Assembly Workshop

          • Eliminating overproduction, overprocessing, defects, waiting, transportation, inventory, motion and under-utilization, Yilisha's production line is according to LEAN. We strive to provide high quality, excellent product and short lead time for you.

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