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          • Telecommunications

          • Yilisha provides a one-stop service, from design to manufacturing, for various parts of telecommunications equipment such as a heatsink, receiver, transmitter, antenna, radar reflector, etc. . .

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          • Power Tool

          • Yilisha owns a professional team who design and manufacture power tools. Our product categories include electric drills, grinding machines, electric wrenches, electric screwdrivers, electric planers, power tool parts, etc . . .

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          • Information Service Terminal

          • Yilisha offers the service from design to manufacturing in a variety type of housing for a terminal machine.
            Our Products are suitable for the industry of telecommunications, finance, government, transportation, medical, commercial, tax industry, etc . . .

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          • Lighting Solution

          • Yilisha offers the service from design to manufactures in a variety category of the lighting product. Our products are applied in home lamps, warning lights, street lights, traffic lights, projectors, etc . . .

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          • Heat Sink

          • Yilisha offers the service from design to manufacturing and an integrated service system for the huge size heat sink. We meet the high standard requirements.

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          • Security Device

          • Yilisha offers a wide range of surveillance equipment accessories, including metal cabinets, PCB components, stand holder, metal cover, monitoring cabinets/shelves. Our products are suitable for public safety, transportation, fire protection, residential, etc. . .

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          • Medical Device

          • Yilisha fulfils the stringent and harsh requirement in the medical device such as high-end surgery medical table, CT, MRI, DR system, CR, radio frequency equipment, X-ray machine, an ultrasonic device, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, hyperbaric chamber and linac.

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