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          One Stop Service

          Yilisha offers One-Stop service in both precision metal and heavy-duty metal.

          We provide comprehensive one stop solution for molding design, production, testing and ODM solution.

          We provide excellent service to all of our customers with fast delivery, first class quality and reasonable cost.

          Our Group has 5 factories in Southern and Northern China and 3 representative offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

          From 2004 to 2018, we invest heavily on advanced manufacturing equipment and test equipment to maximize our economies of slice and production effectiveness.

          Our company philosophy is:“Customer comes first, Pursuit of excellence".

          We are proud to work with Ericsson, TTI, Cisco, Philips, Hitachi, JVC, NEC, Stanley, Delta-q, Jabil, Ubtech, Smartdrive and other Fortune Global 500 Enterprises in the world.

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